5 reasons why you should have a training partner

Motivation 101

Published on 15 September 2015
by Cara Fafard

Going to the gym with a training partner is all about sharing! Imagine, going through a fitness training experience aiming at a new healthy lifestyle, and SHARING it with someone! Anybody can be a training partner; it could be a friend, a colleague, a family member, your spouse, or someone experienced, like a personal trainer, who can lead you towards achieving your goals. The most important thing is to feel good around that person with whom you will share sweat and fitness objective. 

The best way to achieve it is by doing it together, why?

  1. To find MOTIVATION:  Working out with a partner, you will be less tempted to quit, setting common objectives and goals, same or not, to reach together.
  2. To develop ASSIDUITY: “I don’t feel like it, but I’ll go anyway, after all, I can’t disappoint my training partner!”  It’s a commitment to yourself, but above all to your partner.
  3. MUTUAL ASSISTANCE: It is safer to train with someone watching over your shoulder, ready to help out at any time. Your partner is there to watch over you and avoid possible injuries as well as assist you in the appropriate execution of exercises.  
  4. For the FUN: Sharing a good time and experience funny anecdotes in a fitness environment, makes the time spent at the gym even more enjoyable, and helps you create a greater bond between you and your partner. You will feel like going back, for sure!
  5. To SURPASS yourself : A healthy competition among friends could even develop and, while remaining safe, makes you push back your limits, lift more weight, and just surpass yourself thanks to your partner’s encouraging cheers.  

In short, training with a partner offers a wide variety of advantages, but most importantly, the mutual pride that results from it. “I am proud of you my friend! Tomorrow, we’ll achieve even more! »

How about you, who will be your precious training partner?

Cara Fafard
B.A. Social Communication Marketing Coordinator & Group Fitness Instructor - Énergie Cardio