4 reasons to bring your workout outside in fall

Published on 10 November 2017
by Lait au chocolat

Have you put aside your favourite sport or your workout during the last few months? The good news is that Fall is the perfect time to get back into it – whether you prefer to ride a bike, walk, or run, here are 4 reasons to take advantage of the autumn breeze!

1. Switching Off

 Some athletes use their time to reflect on the projects they’re working on; however others make the choice to clear their heads during their workouts. Running is the perfect time to allow yourself to live in the moment. What could be more beautiful?

2. Fill Up on Endorphins

Physical activity releases endorphins; this phenomenon is sometimes called a “runner’s high.”  This biological reaction has beneficial effects on anxiety. Simply therapeutic! 

3. Take Your Vitamins

Yes, our parents were right; fresh air does us good! Sunshine isn’t only good for vitamin D, it’s concentrated energy. Despite days which get shorter during the fall months, one more reason to go and play outside would be to appreciate the bright side of things during the beautiful Fall light!

4. The Finish Line

Whether it is during a special event, or just during your daily routine daily, it’s always satisfying to know we met our goals. During the final five minutes of the latest half-marathon I ran in Tremblant, I was brought to tears, was surprised, laughed and then was calm and very relaxed. What a feeling! It’s disconcerting and satisfying to see that a simple finish line can provoke such a wide range of emotions!

It’s your turn to get out there! Take advantage of Autumn, after all, it only comes once per year!


Lait au chocolat