working out with friends

Just for fun

Published on 7 January 2019
by Karen Laroche

Is going to the gym a chore? Not feeling motivated when you put in your earbuds and blast your favourite songs? Try to think of your next workout as an outing with friends! After all, human beings naturally need to socialize to be happy.


When we decide to add physical activity to our routine, our willpower sometimes reaches its limits. It’s best to choose activities that suit our tastes and lifestyle and make us feel good.

Exercising with a partner or group helps us fulfill these needs and has many benefits, including accountability. It’s been proven that a promise made to a friend, even an informal one, makes us feel more accountable than a promise made to ourselves*. So, open your planner and call a friend!


What’s more, training with those who share your goals is an excellent motivational boost. In addition to the experience and encouragement of a qualified trainer, you’ll have the energy of the group to help you make it to the end of your training. Training with a partner can be very beneficial. Whether your fitness goals are cardiovascular or strength-related, you can ask a friend to work toward them with you! And if you’re someone who loves a challenge, competition in a fitness class will help you push yourself further. If your friend can keep up, what’s stopping you from doing the same?


In short, bringing familiar faces to your workouts will keep you interested and motivated and ensure you keep raising the bar.


*Dr. Dawn Skelton, professor specializing in health and aging at Glasgow Caledonian University.


Karen Laroche
Kinesiologist with a Master in Exercise Science. Responsible for special training projects for the Énergie Cardio network

Karen was initially a trainer at the Énergie Cardio centre in Trois-Rivières. After completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in kinesiology, she opened her own CrossFit studio. She then moved to Montreal and took over the Énergie Cardio centre in Complexe Desjardins. Karen is now the centre’s head trainer and oversees all special training projects. In addition to her vast professional experience, Karen is also a distinguished CrossFit athlete.