What’s in store for food trends in 2019

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Published on 27 February 2019

What’s in store for food trends in 2019



More than ever before, there has been a huge increase in environmental awareness that extends to food and its ecological footprint. There is also a movement to reduce plastic waste. We will therefore see more and more initiatives to reduce waste, such as the promotion of reusable fabric bags.



With regard to food, bitter tastes will be more and more commonplace in dishes and also in drinks, as sugar is gradually replaced. Just think of the growing popularity of bitter vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts and rapini.



Butter is back on our plates in a big way thanks, among other things, to the ketogenic (or keto) diet. Whether you’re for or against this diet, expect to see photos of different dishes topped with all kinds of butter. However, we do recommend that you try out good butters.



This cereal is similar to wheat, but its cultivation is said to be environmentally friendly as it appears to slow down soil erosion. As this crop is perennial, it grows back every year. In addition, this cereal is low in gluten and high in fibre.



It cannot be denied that the consumption of vegetable products has been gaining in popularity for some years now, and their popularity will continue to grow. Foods such as plant milk and imitation cheese will gain in popularity.

What’s more, after the crisis involving romaine lettuce, combined with the increasing cost of other lettuces, we are starting to see different varieties on grocery store shelves. Go out of your comfort zone and try them all. They are just as good raw as they are in smoothies or even grilled.

In short, people who care about their diet are faced with a host of constantly changing trends. It’s up to you to make an informed choice that suits your physical and physiological needs.


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