Published on 3 December 2018
by Lait au chocolat

Aside from the hot meals and drinks that make us feel cozy in the winter, some foods should play a key role in the coming months, especially those containing vitamin D.

We produce this vitamin naturally and rapidly—in under 30 minutes—when exposed to the summer sun. But from October to April, we do not get enough UVB rays in Quebec to synthesize it, even when practising an outdoor sport like mine, snowboarding.

The solution? Eat more foods rich in vitamin D to attain a minimum of 600 IU per day.

But why should we monitor the levels of this particular vitamin? Because it plays an important role in bone health, the immune system, inflammatory response, and muscle functions. It is therefore possible that low levels adversely affect health and athletic performance. So take note, athletes: make sure to add some vitamin D to your plate this winter!

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Lait au chocolat