Three Tips to Help You Fight Sugar Cravings

Just for fun

Published on 1 October 2018
by Élodie Lévesque-Filiatreault

It can be difficult to resist a sugar craving. But what if we found healthier ways to satisfy our stomachs? That’s exactly what I’m proposing!

1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with other foods

Find that irresistible sweet flavour in other foods, like fresh or dried fruit. Personally, I satisfy my craving by slowly savouring one or two pieces of dark chocolate. You can also try breath mints or sugar-free gum.

2. Limit temptation

If your pantry shelves are lined with your favourite sweets, the risk of giving in to temptation is high. Hide these foods from sight or consider donating them. You should also avoid buying them again to keep the temptation away. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

3. Brush your teeth

This tip may seem strange, but it really does work! Do you feel like eating right after brushing your teeth? Usually, the answer is no. So, the next time you have a sugar craving, brush your teeth. You won’t want to ruin that fresh, clean feeling in your mouth with food. If that’s not enough, you can also try drinking a large glass of cold water, as the cold will slightly dull your taste buds.


Remember that sugar is not necessarily your enemy. Cutting it out of your diet completely is how you trigger sugar cravings. Treat yourself once in a while. But make sure it doesn’t become a habit. We’re human, after all, and a cookie never hurt anyone!

Élodie Lévesque-Filiatreault
B. SC. Communication and Polics and Digital Content Specialist at Énergie Cardio
First sales and customer service advisor in a gym and then assistant director and now specialist in digital content for Énergie Cardio, she will motivate you to achieve your goals! In her articles, she will share with you inspiring stories from members of the Énergie Cardio network, as well as tips and tricks for active and healthy living that are used by Énergie Cardio employees!