The Three Not-To-Be-Missed Fall Group Classes

Just for fun

Published on 1 September 2018
by Nathalie Bouchard

1. LesMills BODYPUMP!

There’s a reason this class is ranked #1 around the world! You will not only achieve quick results, you will also boost your everyday muscular endurance. Climbing a mountain, raking your yard, getting your groceries up two flights of stars—all a cinch! This course will allow you to push your limits, discover muscles you didn’t know you had, and, above all, realize your full potential! You don’t need to be coordinated for this course. At first, you will simply need to get used to hundreds of repetitions per muscle group, and as the weeks go on, you will integrate weights to keep things stimulating.


2. Zumba!

Never want summer to end? It doesn’t have to! Keep the summer fun going with this fall course! It will allow you to let loose, have fun, dance, and escape the daily grind. Forget your everyday stresses and let the motions take you away! This isn’t a dance competition; take a moment to have fun and let loose. After a few courses of immerging yourself in the festive spirit of Zumba, you will be able to increase the scope, energy, and intensity of your workout!


3. LesMills BODYFLOW!

With the hectic back-to-school season in full swing, take a moment to stop and re-centre yourself! This course combines tai chi, Pilates, and yoga and allows you to take an hour to work on your endurance, flexibility, and posture in a laid-back and relaxing environment without sacrificing intensity. The accelerated movements and intense poses will increase your heart rate—and perhaps leave you feeling a bit sore! This course is designed to help you find your balance so that you can more easily tackle your day-to-day tasks. It’s the perfect blend of training and personal time!

With these three courses on your schedule, you’ll be ready to start fall off on the right foot and stay motivated to exercise!

Nathalie Bouchard
Group Fitness Supervisor