How to Lose Weight by Running

Just for fun

Published on 23 April 2019

May is here: the days are warmer and more beautiful, and the urge to enjoy a drink on a terrace instead of working out is starting to take hold. For this reason, we’ve decided to share with you several ways to optimize your results by incorporating running into your workout routine.

Integrating a few runs into your training program is a good idea if you’re aiming to slim down or take your cardio to the next level. “But how can I run to lose weight quickly?” you ask. Read on to discover our tips for efficient running.

Start by incorporating a moderate-intensity run, generally under 10 km/h. For comparison, we usually walk at 5 km/h. You should be able to maintain your selected speed for at least 30 minutes depending on your level. This is called basic endurance. This rhythm promotes good respiratory capacity, low lactate production, and significant fat burning.

When doing aerobic activities, such as jogging, your body taps into its fat reserves to provide your muscles with energy[1].


Next, introduce high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Although this training method can take different forms, the main idea is to exercise in short, intense bursts interspersed with periods of rest. For example, you could try the 15/15, i.e. 15 seconds of fast running followed by 15 seconds of gentle jogging to recover. This sequence can be repeated 10 times.

In addition to improving the average runner’s performance[2], HIIT has also been readily proven to help with weight loss. One study showed that three weekly 20-minute HIIT sessions over 12 weeks “significantly improved body composition,” decreasing fat mass and increasing lean body mass[3].

Tips for Optimizing Weight Loss

Alternating between quick jogs and HIIT is the best way to lose weight by running. However, there are other ways to help accelerate your weight loss, including adapting your diet.

Slimming down depends first and foremost on maintaining a suitable diet with regard to both quality and quantity. No matter how many hours you spend running, consuming too many calories will prevent you from losing even a single pound.

Moreover, the quality of the food that you eat, especially from a nutritional point of view, will significantly impact your figure. So make sure to maintain a healthy, balanced, high-quality diet if you want quick results.

The Importance of Enjoyment

Running doesn’t have to be torturous. Enjoyment is essential to training sustainably and achieving results. So, if running is not your cup of tea, shake things up! Regularly change your workouts and routes, and don’t be afraid to throw other athletic activities into the mix.

One last thing to remember: no matter how simple your training routine is, you will burn calories and be that much closer to your goal.




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