The sooner in life we develop a habit, the easier it is to maintain; maintaining a good healthy lifestyle is no exception to the rule. Énergie Cardio centres welcome kids as early as age 10, so they can discover how fun it is to be physically fit.

Jeunesse en forme (private training) – 10 to 16 years old

Thanks to a made to measure program, keeping in mind the physical development of kids, our team of personal trainers will be able to help them improve their physical condition, develop their self-esteem, learn good lifestyle habits and even reach a healthy body weight by teaching them new healthy eating habits if necessary. To improve our young athletes’ performances, our personal trainers will ensure the physical development required for them to become more competitive in the sport of their choosing and to practice it in a safe manner.

Free training – From age 15

With a parent’s written authorization when becoming a member, and after a training consult, teens age 15 can start training in our centres and take advantage of our services without the constant supervision of an adult. Note that if our personnel consider that the youngster is not mature enough to train without any supervision, they might require that a parent be present during the kid’s workout sessions.