A good plan fit to be shared

Picture this... Your very own personal trainer coaching you in the comfort of your home and to share with your friends...

A good plan fit to be shared

At Énergie Cardio, we believe that coaching and motivation remain the two most important factors in reaching a goal.

This is why we have created a brand new package at a very affordable price, which allows you to receive coaching from a trainer and the motivation of your friends with whom you will share it!

And all this from the comfort of your own home!

Since new anime rhymes with new resolutions, take advantage now of a training program specially designed according to your goals AND share it with 2 of your friends! In addition, benefit from judicious and professional advice from your trainer for a whole month.

This new plan includes :

A 60-minute virtual consultation with a certified coach for you and 2 of your friends;
A complete and personalized training program that can be shared;
Unlimited access for one month to the Énergie Cardio Entraînement application giving you the possibility to chat live with your trainer and much more!

Take advantage of this exclusive offer* for the one-time cost of :


🙋🙋🏾=42.50$/pers. ( 84,99/2)

🙋🙋🏾🙋🏻=28.33$/pers. ( 84,99/3)

The gym that is truly all-inclusive!

At $ 1 a day* ($ 359.88 a year*), you can't say no!

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Let your madman go!
Pay only $25.99* per month ($311.88* per year) for the 25 years old and under!

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It’s time to think about YOU!

Because we want to ensure you work out in a safe and healthy environment, we implemented several measures that will allow you to fully take advantage of your membership and enjoy working out at your gym.

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New memberships
Train virtually !
With this new membership, you get unlimited access to our virtual training platform.

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New Virtual Membership The 360

With 360º, you get exclusive access to our trainers and medical support 7 days/week for whole family.

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