Virtual Nutritionist

With the clinic run by Isabelle Huot, PhD Nutrition

NUTRITION With the clinic run by Isabelle Huot, PhD Nutrition


Are you concerned about your diet?

Do you want to improve your eating habits and learn better portion control? Do you want to optimize your energy level or lose weight? Do you want to adapt your diet to your fitness level?

Is it hard to consult with a nutritionist in person because of your busy schedule?

If so, virtual consultation is for you! By webcam, Skype, FaceTime, or phone, you will receive a wealth of advice, including a generic food plan that your nutritionist will tailor to your needs during your remote meeting. It will be thirty minutes well spent!



  • You can finally get answers to your diet questions.
  • It allows you to maximize your time—no travel time required—and the meeting will fit into your schedule!
  • Pay the best price on the market to have access to a nutritionist who is part of the experienced team at the clinic run by Isabelle Huot, PhD Nutrition.