Assessment of fitness components

With Fitaction

Assessment of fitness components

Fitaction is an online platform for assessing and monitoring the three main components of physical fitness: anthropometric, cardiovascular, and muscular assessments.

To adapt to the specific needs of our members, we offer two types of assessments:

  • Partial: assessment of only one fitness component (based on the member’s choice and needs)
  • Full: assessment of all three fitness components (always recommended for an initial assessment)


As an Énergie Cardio member, you will have access to the Fitaction platform at no cost, and you can create an account as soon as you join. A detailed assessment report will automatically be sent to your Fitaction account, which is accessible from your computer, tablet, and mobile phone!


  • Facilitates goal setting.
  • Allows for a personalized training program.
  • Optimizes your workouts.
  • Tangibly measures your progress (reassessments recommended every two to three months).


All assessments are carried out by kinesiology graduates or students who have successfully completed a course in fitness component assessment OR by health professionals with Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (PFLC) certification from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.