Since 1985, Énergie Cardio contributes to the improvement of the population’s fitness condition and quality of life by offering accessible and effective programs, supervised by a team of professional and competent trainers.

The Énergie Cardio experience relies on 4 fundamental values:

  1. Overachievement
    Recognise the ability of each individual to go further. Value efforts and will as much as the results.
  2. Fun
    Promote positiveness and enthusiasm. Take pleasure in working out. Knowing the importance of giving as much as receiving.
  3. Sharing
    Pass on one’s passion with conviction. To show empathy and be generous.
  4. Respect
    Recognize and respect everyone’s importance, employees and customers.

Énergie Cardio’s success also relies on its Administrative Centre and, above all, on a team of professional trainers, group exercise instructors, customer service and sales representatives, assistant managers, head trainers, managers, and passionate franchisees, each adhering to the enterprise’s values, thus ensuring the quality of the service to all members of the Énergie Cardio network .