With bio-impedance with the InBody 270

BODY-COMPOSITION ANALYSIS With bio-impedance with the InBody 270

The advanced technology of our InBody device will give you accurate readings of your composition of your body in a matter of seconds, including

  • your percentage of body fat, water, and lean body mass;
  • the muscle mass of your arms (right/left), legs (right/left), and core;
  • your basal metabolism (the calories your body needs to function); and
  • your body mass index!

Bio-Impedance advantages

  • Provides a complete assessment of your body composition just a few seconds after completing the test.
  • Helps you better personalize your training program (weight loss, weight gain, performance, rehabilitation, etc.).
  • Helps you personalize your meal plan based on your goals and basal metabolism.
  • Helps you monitor your progress and determine the effectiveness of your workouts and meal plan. We recommend reassessments every 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Helps you maintain a high level of motivation and focus.

  • We recommend that you combine this service with a consultation with a trainer to interpret your results and provide recommendations to improve or maintain your fitness level.

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