The 360° is much more than just a new membership. It’s a first in the country and we’re very proud!

With the very first membership that gives you unlimited access to real health professionals, Énergie Cardio proves once again that the health and well-being of its members are its top priority. The 360° brings you the performance and flexibility of the best virtual workouts, access to training tips 7 days a week, and peace of mind knowing you’ll have access to medical support—within minutes—whenever you need it.

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Access to Énergie Cardio Virtual

Enjoy unlimited access to our 100% virtual 100% made‑in‑Quebec platform, so you can train in Énergie Cardio style anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. With 16 different programs available 24/7 and support from our fitness trainers, you’re all set to reach your goals. Our 100% virtual membership delivers 100% real results.

  • Unlimited access to over a hundred workouts
  • Live and prerecorded group classes
  • Multifunctional training such as Tabata, HIIT, etc.
  • Technical training videos
  • New features added monthly
Access to a certified trainer

This membership gives you access to advice from certified trainers 7 days a week and unlimited access to the Énergie Cardio Entrainement app. The app lets you keep all your fitness goal information at your fingertips—and in one place. It’s also the perfect tool to help you stay motivated as you train.

  • Chat with your trainer 7 days a week
  • Synch with other mobile training devices
  • Access general fitness programs created by kinesiologists
  • Track your progress
  • Virtual personal training (additional fees)
  • Get healthy, nutritious recipes created by Dr. Isabelle Huot

A first in the country: putting holistic health front and centre!

Access to medical care 7 days a week

Simple, quick, efficient access to real doctors and nurses in the healthcare system without an appointment and at no additional cost, almost instantly. Thanks to 360° and Health 24/7 professionals, say goodbye to long hours in waiting rooms. Medical support for the whole family is included, and available anytime!

  • Virtual consults with nurses or doctors
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 live chat feature
  • Service available to all family members
  • Prescriptions and refills
  • Psychological support
  • Lab test requests
  • Specialist referrals
  • Access to mental health professionals
  • Complete conversation history

Exclusive launch offer**


* Access to telemedicine and to a certified Personal Trainer are not included in this offer.
** On an annual subscription. Regular price: $34.99/month ($419.88/year). Limited offer. Taxes not included. Details at the gym.