The Fit Test consists in a 60-minute assessment of your physical condition allowing to establish:

  • Your cardiovascular capacity (tested on a treadmill)
  • Your muscular capacity, i.e.: your muscular strength and endurance (through exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, vertical jumps, grip strength test, lumbar extension test)
  • Your flexibility (tested with a flexometer)
  • Your body composition, i.e. the percentage of body fat. (assessed with skinfold measurement test)

Results are presented in a report as per Canadian Physical Fitness standards, to motivate you to improve or maintain your actual physical condition. The Fit Test will allow your trainer to set clear goals and create a made to measure training program; allowing getting the results you are seeking for more quickly.

At the end of this report, all components are combined to determine your true physiological age, i.e. the age of your body.