I Became Passionate About LesMills’ BODYPUMP & BODYFLOW

I Became Passionate About LesMills’ BODYPUMP & BODYFLOW.


I met extraordinary people and got the figure that matches my personality!



After a year, I had lost 95 pounds. I never expected to accomplish such a feat! I can say that I changed my lifestyle, and that I was an inspiration for many!


Reaching unexpected goals by doing something that we become passionate about and that motivates us allows us developing new interests and a strong support network. It’s by being able to rely on such strong basis that Annie was able to overcome hardships and reach her goals!  


It is thanks to a friend, who was a member at Énergie Cardio that I decided to register. She often talked about the fitness classes, and she kept raving about the ambiance and the fun she had, in particular in the BODYPUMP classes. The time had come for me to make my move!


Group support


The first time I attended a class, someone noticed right away that I was new and helped me get everything ready. At first I had to adapt several exercises, but two months later, I could complete the whole routine, and I was working out six to seven hours a week. I developed a passion for LesMills’ BODYPUMP and BODYFLOW. Working out has become essential to my happiness and helps managing my stress on a daily basis.


Dynamic instructors


I developed a special bond with the fitness classes’ instructors. I feel fueled by their limitless encouragements and energy. I quickly lost weight and started enjoying attending classes and workout with my pears. Not only did I meet extraordinary people, I also attained a figure that suits my personality.  In only five months, I had reached my weight loss objective of 50 pounds!


A tool box


Going to the gym isn’t always easy! The cold winter days, hot summer days, back aches or knee pains are all very dissuasive excuses! But because of all the changes I made to my lifestyle, I am now equipped to take on those obstacles. I have the tools, resources and necessary support enabling me to do so. Despite all the barriers, I am still going strong.


Take ownership of our successes


I often have the bad habit to credit others for my successes, but many people keep telling me that I am responsible for my transformation. However, I realise that without their support and words of encouragements, I probably would not have attained my fitness and health goals. And so, once again, I will conclude by thanking them and by telling them not to lose sight of me, because I am not done impressing them! 

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