Five resolutions to take each month.

People have been sharing with me their fitness resolutions for 20 years now. The clubs are full, the clientele’s motivation is tangible and I can feel everyone’s true desire to reach their fitness goals.

These five resolutions are based on your five senses.

Listen: First, you need a “why.” A motivation. It is important to know and commit to a specific objective. It is what will motivate you to go to the gym two, three, and even four times a week. Take the time to analyze your current needs and how your expectations evolve.

Look into fitness and read about it to become more knowledgeable of it. The more you learn about fitness principles and methods, the more curious you’ll become about it, and so your motivation will grow accordingly. This will motivate you to try something new. A new exercise, a new machine, a new approach, which will increase the pleasure you feel when you work out.

Feel the fun of working out; having fun is an essential condition to continue working out. Identify your favourite exercises, find out why you like them so much and how you feel when you are performing them. Here is a tip: share your workout with one or more friends. It is always a lot more motivating!

Do not “touch” or modify the time slots allotted to your workouts. If you planned a workout, stick to your schedule. Remember that when you write them down in your agenda they become untouchable, they have the same importance a business or a doctor’s appointment would have. If you have any doubts about that fact, maybe you should revise your motivation, your “why.”

Taste the satisfaction of your evolution: Note, underline, share your progression every time you go to the gym. The feeling of competency is a powerful fuel. Each time you succeed in reaching a short term objective, your long-term commitment increases. A succession of small successes lead to great achievements.

Keep your senses sharp, revise your motivation on a monthly basis and maintain your motivation throughout the year.

Happy New Year and best of success! 

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