Eating Healthy on a Budget is Possible!

Produces prices rocketed over the last year. Several families feel insecure when considering the ever-increasing price of the food basket. Despite that, rest assured that eating healthy is possible on a limited budget!


Here are some tips:


  • Before leaving for the grocery store, make the inventory of what you have, make a list, and stick to it.
  • Favour house brands that will make you save up to 30%.


  • Produce section:
  • Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, freeze them if you have too much;
  • Introduce potatoes, carrots, turnip, cabbage and squash, they are among the less expensive vegetables;
  • Consider canned fruits and vegetables (without any added salt of sugar), they can come in handy, and they are cheap.


  • Meat and substitutes section:
  • Introduce plant base proteins (legumes and tofu), champion of saving; 
  • Select meat cuts that are typically less tender, but also less expensive, they will be perfect in the crockpot!
  • Choose canned or frozen fish, they are less expensive than fresh fish;
  • Cook with eggs.


  • Milk and substitutes section:
  • Choose skimmed or low fat milk for substantial savings; 
  • Buy yogurt in bigger sizes instead of individual packaging;
  • Buy big pieces of cheese instead of already grated or sliced cheese.


  • Cereal based products section:
  • Buy your cereal based products in bulk;
  • Choose plain, uncooked rice instead of flavoured, pre-cooked rice;
  • Buy bread, tortillas, pitas or bagels when on sale, and keep them in the freezer.


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