“I Discovered Énergie Cardio Thanks to My Wife!”

I was seduced by a club completely adapted for people with reduced mobility.

My spouse was an Énergie Cardio member, I wanted to learn more!


Pushed by his curiosity to visit the club where his wife was working out, Michel discovered more than just a place adapted to his condition, he discovered a new lifestyle!

I suffer from multiple sclerosis. Because my wife was a member at Énergie Cardio, I wanted to know if they could adapt a fitness program to my condition. From the moment I stepped in the club, I was seduced, the club was completely adapted to people with reduced mobility.


What’s great with fitness is that it is adaptable to any one’s limitations. Movement is at the very basis of everything and kinesiology is the science determining the best movements that will allow one to move safely and effectively, without further restriction or constraint!

Because my personal trainer built me a really good program, I started loving working out three times a week for an hour each time. Instead of draining me from my energy, exercising had the contrary effect on me. My main objective was to maintain my remaining muscle mass, and much to my surprise, after nine months, I can do even more than I could before!  

Even Michel’s physio supports him in his efforts: again, kudos for your consistency and determination to work out on a regular basis. We can notice the gains when Michel comes for physio treatments.


In order to adapt to all conditions or limitation, Énergie Cardio favours listening. For the personnel, it is necessary to really understand the needs and the reality of each individual to better guide the members on their path to good health. Don’t be shy! Dare to ask!

Talking with the friendly personnel, they suggested I follow the Kilo Cardio program. I took their suggestion, and ended up buying the three volumes as time went by. I lost 26 pounds, I now have a healthy weight, and my eating habits are healthier. My biggest satisfaction is to have changed a lot of bad habits and to see that my condition is stable, if not better.   


Thank you Énergie Cardio!

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